Item of the Month – Art Supply Wish List

Donating is EASY.

Visit our “Item of the Month” wish list page HERE and choose the quantity of the item(s) that you would like to give.

SAY Sí is committed to creating a premier, dynamic and nurturing educational environment for San Antonio’s artistic youth, recognizing that the arts reshape the way young people learn, communicate and prepare for their work and civic future. We believe when students are provided high-quality supplies they will create high-quality work.

Every month, based on upcoming exhibitions and projects, we ask for a donation of supplies that our students need. These items go directly to SAY Sí students, used in our studios for personal art projects and for our many exhibition projects throughout the year. If you would like to equip our students with the appropriate tools to continue creating, donate today!

If you would like to make a financial donation to SAY Sí, please visit our Donate page.

May: X-Acto Knife

The Item of the Month for May is the X-Acto knife! This item is the best utility tool to make clean, precise cuts in clay, thread, tape and especially paper. Students have used X-Acto knives to create jewelry and paper cutout pieces like this one made by sophomore Christin Engelberth for Muertitos Fest 2012.

Previous Months:

January: Portfolio

A portfolio is an essential tool for working artists to excel. Student artists like junior Leif Ayala use their personal portfolios to keep their work organized. Every year, SAY Sí also participates in National Portfolio Day where students meet with representatives from a variety of Art Colleges from across the nation for a portfolio critique and a possible on-the-spot college acception!

February: Paint

What’s a brush without paint? A necessity in any artist’s kit, professional-grade paint is a tool that our Visual Arts students use in our many exhibition projects throughout the year. These students used paint in their “Small Scale Works for a Larger Cause” projects. Help our students create more works of art by donating paint today!

March: Kneaded Erasers

The Item of the Month for March is the kneaded eraser! This isn’t your average school-time eraser. It can be transformed into any shape to get into the tightest spots to remove most any drawing medium. Students like junior Madalin Beavers (left) have used kneaded erasers in their pieces and for SSWLC 2013, sophomore Amanda Medellin created this untitled piece (right).

April: Linoleum Cutter

The April Item of the Month is the linoleum cutter! A staple for any block printing project, linoleum cutters AKA printmaking gouges were most recently used to create one-of-a-kind drywall reliefs for our Yard Art 2013 exhibition. For this project, middle school students carved drywall to reflect either geometric patterns or organic shapes.